Getting the price right is the most rapid and effective way to improve profits.




Gain access to deep pricing and technical expertise to help drive ROI, pricing process improvement, business adoption and optimize performance.



Gain access to a dedicated support team which provides clear, quality communication on issues, fast turn around and industry best practice solutions.


Pricing Experts

Our team partners with our customers to achieve pricing success. We deliver implementation and support, from a pricing and technology view, to help you improve key financial and pricing metrics.

Sonoco went through an extensive evaluation of the pricing software industry participants before making the decision to go with Big Data Pricing (BDP) as our implementation partner. The BDP team has been fantastic!
— Jerry Cheatham, Director of Finance, Sonoco

We guide you through all the phases of the implementation process.


We build innovative pricing solutions by leveraging industry best practices.


We provide business process training and tools to help build power users.


We partner with our customers to:

Define, design and build CPQ solutions that address your business challenges

Experts in Salesforce CPQ, Vendavo, Price f(x), Vistex, Tableau, Business Objects and Lumira

Focused on bringing value to you our customers

Leverage industry templates to accelerate ROI

Maggie Buckland offers clients the right combination of skills for a critical role in your Vendavo implementation. She can talk to the IT team, as well as the old school sales managers in your organization. She listens to the business’s priorities, and understands how the tool is used by sales and marketing.
— AL, Client 2014

We guide you to the best solution for you and your customer.


We help our customers resolve business critical pricing challenges.


We enable industry leading price and process enhancements.


BDP offers a variety of support programs to meet customer needs.

Our support team partners with you to:

  • Optimize your solution

  • Quickly resolve solution issues

  • Enhance your pricing processes and solutions

  • Address new pricing challenges as the business landscape changes

BDP led face-to-face training sessions for our users, having produced company-specific examples and imagery, as well as hands-on exercises, to maximize absorption of the knowledge. BDP only wants to do work the right way and will call out if a project could go wrong in terms of time, cost and quality before it happens.
— AL, Client 2014